Monday, October 23, 2006

In Dayton.... part 2

Since I couldn't add a few more of the pictures that I ADORED from the bathtub fun in the last post, here's a new one :)

The picture above is one of my favorites of the whole bunch. There's four shots in the tub that I just love. I have this image as my main image on my One Model Place profile.

Everyone that's on my Myspace has seen the image on the left. I love it because there's an artsy feel to it. Kinda dramatic. This is one of the other of the four I mentioned above.

If you've seen my Model Mayhem profile then you've seen this picture. It also has that kinda dramatic feel to it. I like the slight sadness of the shot.

I love black and white images. Which is fine with me 'cause that's all I am. Pale white with black accessories ;) There's a certain feel to it, something beautiful about black and white photos. I've always loved them.

Color is good too, depending on the image. So if a photographer takes a picture in color I prefer it because it can always be turned into a black and white. You can't make a black and white into a color image.

And this is the last of the four. There's something beautifly simple about it that I love. Again, the sadness of it I find perfect.


Blogger Tyrgrim said...

four great shots charity.... love the black and white... and i can look at these since you are in a bathtub... all my thoughts are "clean"

6:46 PM  

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