Saturday, March 03, 2007

My computer hates this thing

So every time I've tried to log in or post on this thing my computer has went psycho and either froze up or just shut down EVERYTHING. Hense the massive lack of posting anything. So I'm very sorry for those who actually read the few posts that I have gotten to put on here. I'm also having the same problem with DeviantArt. A whole bunch of pop-ups come up, then disappear then all my screens shut down. I should probably get some virus and spyware and adware stuff on here....maybe that'll clean up this stupid mess. Blah.

So if this doesn't fuck up....there's my post. If this thing continues not to be annoying I'll post a real post here soon with some of my pictures from the past few months.

Photo above taken by JMX Photographer, tee-shirt provided by TShirtStyle


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